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Leeds East Airport - Vador Security Ltd

Leeds East Airport was formerly known as RAF Church Fenton. The operators of the new airport needed to control vehicles and pedestrians onto their site, and chose ATRIUM as their preferred access control system.

Vador Security Ltd, based in Pudsey, installed AC22 controllers to manage KC-PROX combined prox/PIN readers to the gates on either side of the buildings. These readers control the entry of cars, lorry's and pedestrians and the system has proved to be a great success. 

Vadors MD, Russ Vasey, commented "The client was quite precise in what was required. Apart from the traditional features of restricting access by time schedules, it was important that the senior managers could view the activities on site when they were working away. With a built-in web browser, ATRIUM allowed this and we were able to offer our client the ability to check up on their site from any laptop, tablet or smart phone. This feature ensured we were successful in winning the project".

As well as ATRIUM, CDVI's magnetic locks and accessories were also installed.

ATRIUM is so flexible and straightforward, that even new installers to Access Control will be able to confidently provide customers with a system that is user-friendly and reliable. 

BMW Garage - Monserez in Aalbeke

Burglar alarms, CCTV and alarm systems. These are usually the first words that come to mind when you think of ‘security’.

These systems are used mainly at night, when you’re not there, and the goods in your building need protecting. But how do you protect yourself, your staff and your best possessions during the day? Monserez, a partner of BMW in Aalbeke opted in for CENTAUR access control from CDVI.

In the view of the size of the building, they wanted a system whereby access control could be split up according to areas and people. For example, they did not want the general public to have uncontrolled access to the service or bodywork departments. Also, they wanted to be able to monitor the time of day, week, month or year that staff have access to the building.

Centaur has evolved over the years to provide a simple and easy to manage system with the option to make use of its powerful features if needed – the uncomplicated approach that Monserez took has enabled users to build their system as dictated by their requirements, and remove the feeling of having a system “too big for our needs”.

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